Hello Parents/Guardians,

Here at the PLTC Law Enforcement class we are instituting some changes for the second semester of this year.  In the law enforcement/military training paradigm it is common to grant privileges to those that have advanced to ¾ of the program. 

In the LE program we grant access to cell phones for second year seniors.  This is very limited in their usage.  They will also not be required to travel with a partner around campus when given permission.  These privileges will also be taken away if these privileges are abused. Second year students will be required to wear a white polo shirt to signify their advancement in the program.  These privileges have been in place since the beginning of the program.

One of the key areas in this program is the uniform and grooming standards that we have implemented and these mirror the same standards in the workplace of our field.  All students have the paperwork and knowledge of what these standards include.  This is also the area that students struggle with the most and often ignore the most, which is why uniform inspections are so heavily weighted in the grade.  However this is still not being taken seriously by some students. To combat this problem I am instituting a two-a-week uniform inspection.  This amounts to 120 points per week.  If a student is not present that day (unless on quarantine or school events) they will be marked with a zero.  

We will also be re-starting daily participation grades.  This was put on hold due to the amount of students in quarantine.  With the relaxing of these quarantines I am putting these back in place. If a student is not participating or is causing a problem in class they will lose 10 points for the day.

Lastly, the Missouri Sheriff’s Association is starting an adult police academy here at PLTC.  For the most part this will not impact students however at times some students might be asked to assist the adult students.  This assistance will be within the guidelines and boundaries that we already have in place for students. 

Thank you,

Jeffrey Salois