Digital Media


Course Description
Digital Design is a one or two year program designed to offer training in the areas of desktop publishing, web page design, animation, and digital video. High school students receive 3 credits per year, while adult students may attend five hours per day and finish in 1 year. The course is designed to teach the elements of design, which will allow students to create marketing/advertising materials, such as brochures, flyers, booklets, etc. Students will also create web pages, animations, and digital videos using a state-of-the-art camcorders and iMac computers.

Personal Skills
Personal skills include reasoning and decision making, meeting strict standards, verbal and written communication skills, doing repetitive tasks, creative thinking.

Physical Skills
Physical skills include sitting for long periods, reaching, using hands and fingers, and seeing clearly up close.

Suggested Related H.S. Coursework and Activities
Business and Computer related courses, Accounting, Applied Communications, Speech, Math, Psychology, Foreign Languages, Art, Graphic Design, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Continuing Education
Depending upon the career focus–varies from employment directly following training, to 1-4 years of college. One should expect to continually upgrade knowledge as computer technology develops.

Related Post-Secondary Programs
Video making, cartoonist, animation, commercial artist, advertising, marketing, military

Related Occupations
Videographer, cartoonist, animator, commercial artist, designer, sports and media occupations, marketing

Salary Range
The average salary for entry-level graphic designers in Missouri is $23,730 ($11.41/hr) to an average of $46,540 ($22.37/hr) for experienced workers. The average hourly wage in Missouri is $18.72.

Missouri Job Outlook
Employment for graphic designers is projected to change from 4,710 in 2006 to 4,620 by 2016. It is estimated 125 average annual job openings will be created by growth and persons leaving the labor force.

The percent of our students who, 6 months after graduation, were continuing their education, employed in the workforce or in the military.

  • 2003 – 100%

  • 2004 – 94%

  • 2005 – 91%

  • 2006 – 93%

  • 2007 – 88%

  • 2008 – 89%

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College Credit
Students maintaining A’s and B’s while completing their Digital Design classes at Pike-Lincoln Technical Center may transfer these classes for semester hours toward an associate degree at the following college:

St. Charles Community College…………………………………………………………3-15 hrs.