Pike-Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) serves a variety of students—high school juniors and seniors from the schools in Pike and Lincoln Counties and adult students for our daytime programs, or virtually anyone for our broad array of evening classes. The admissions process is different for each type of student.

High school students for daytime programs
Representatives from Pike-Lincoln Technical Center visit each of the seven high schools who send students to Pike-Lincoln. They meet with all sophomores in January to share information about our school, programs available, etc. Students interested in attending as juniors are given an application form and instructions on how to apply. The applications are turned in to their school’s counselor during February. Each school is then responsible for selecting the students who will attend PLTC and providing their names and program name to Pike-Lincoln Tech Center in early March.

High school juniors who did not attend Pike-Lincoln during their junior year may also apply. To do so, they should visit their high school counselor by early February of their junior year.

Adult students for daytime programs
Pike-Lincoln Technical Center views those with a high school diploma, HiSET or having completed homeschooling as adult students. If you are interested in being in one of our programs, please contact the Adult Education office at 573-485-2900 or

If interested in learning about various policies and procedures, which all incoming students must agree to abide by our course catalog. You can access the catalog with this link: 2018-2019 PLTC Adult Financial Policies and Procedures

Evening class students
The students must have an interest in learning the subject being taught. These are open to anyone regardless of age (unless noted otherwise on the schedule) and area of residence. Students can enroll in classes by using the online store or by calling 573-485-2900 ext. 425.