Law Enforcement

Students in the Law Enforcement program will learn the basics of police science and criminal justice. Students will have the opportunity to practice and learn CSI skills, patrol theory (including self-defense and firearm safety). Students will be prepared to work with the correctional system, attend the police academy, continue their education, and be ready for the military. Students should expect to wear a uniform and do so some physical activity.

Required Experiences

  • Ride Alongs

  • Community Service

  • Working with a partner

  • Uniforms

  • Light PT (physical training) on Fridays

  • Vehicle Stops


  • Introduction to Law Enforcement

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Criminal Law

  • Criminal Investigation

  • Case and Trial Preparation

  • Emergency Management

  • Probation/Parole

  • Corrections

  • Patrol Theories

  • Military Preparation

  • Firearms Safety and Use

  • Defensive Tactics